Despite Access to Urgent Dental Care, Only One in 10 People Reporting Toothaches on Twitter Mention Seeking Professional Help for Their Pain

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — San Diego emergency dentist, Dr. Sonny Aryan, offered comments on a recent report on self-reported toothache experiences shared on Twitter, a popular social networking platform. The report illustrated that while individuals with toothaches were more likely than those with backaches or earaches to seek medical care, only one in 10 reported seeing a dentist.

“As an emergency dentist in San Diego, I would  urge social media users to refrain from using the internet to research remedies or taking medical advice from other social media users,” said Dr. Aryan. “I think this largely accounts for the number of people who don’t seek urgent dental care.”

“It’s important to remember that a professional diagnosis of the cause of your toothache is critical not only in getting relief, but in ensuring that the problem is not further aggravated,” Dr. Aryan continued. “That’s one of the reasons we felt it was so important to establish an emergency dental clinic in San Diego.”

A leader among emergency dentists in San Diego, Dr. Aryan provides emergency dental services for patients suffering from toothaches, tooth abscesses, loose braces, broken brace wires, injuries to soft tissue, objects trapped between the teeth and other ailments. His office provides 24-hour service to ensure that patients can get immediate relief from pain and avoid further complications by receiving immediate treatment.

“Social media gives patients access to real-time, around the clock information, which is why it’s such a popular tool,” said Dr. Aryan. “However, we hope that by providing around the clock emergency dental in San Diego that we can encourage patients to seek solutions in a dentist’s office, rather than online.”

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