Sandhya learns cycling

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy — the proverb stands true when it comes to our television industry. 12 to 14 hours of shoot makes our actors dull and boring but Deepika Singh aka Sandhya from Star plus’DiyaaurBaati Hum figured out a new way to cope up with this boredom. During the the outdoor shoot of the show Deepika is seen learning how to ride a bicycle and she’s enjoying it too.

To get into the skin of the character Deepika is seen undergoing a rigorous training but while shooting in beautiful locales of Haryana she also learning to ride a bicycle.

Deepika details out her new learning, “I’ve never ridden a cycle before in my real life but I always wanted to learn the art. While shooting for this IPS track I got a chance to try my hands in cycling. I’ve got a little coach as well, Deepak, he’s making me learn how to ride a bicycle. I’m really excited and look forward for more such learning.


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