When it comes to the beach and sun, very few states can compare to what California has to offer. Within California itself, there are very few towns and cities that can actually come up against the Santa Cruz area.

What is now a popular summer getaway for most people actually started out as a home for the OhloneNative Americans. It was in 1769 that the area was started growing and thriving into what would become as today’s favorite summer hangout place.

As a summer getaway, Santa Cruz offers not just miles and miles of sand and crystal-clear water but also acres of parks for those who would just like a quiet place to unwind. Some of these parks include the Pogonip, the Lighthouse Field, and the Arana Gulch, to name a few. Tourists can also enjoy such conservation area as the Natural Bridges State Marine Reserve, the Greyhound Rock State Marine Conservation Area, and the Año Nuevo State Marine Conservation Area.

Some of the beaches that you can find at Santa Cruz include the Natural Bridges State Beach, the Lighthouse Field State Beach, and the Twin Lakes State Beach, among others.

To make sure that you are able to enjoy all of what Santa Cruz has to offer, your best move would be to have yourself booked in any of the hotels near Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, one of which is the Torch Lite Inn.

The Torch Lite Inn is located right in heart of the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. This hotel Santa Cruz CA has welcomes guests with such amenities as free breakfast, free use of wireless Internet, complimentary toiletries, and access to premium TV channels.

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Torch Lite Inn – Santa Cruz
500 Riverside Ave, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060 United States