Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with the International Islamic Relief Organization, has sent twenty-five lorries containing loads of relief packages across the Afghan border. The packages, labelled Iftar, are destined to help impoverished people across Afghanistan subsist during the Ramazan holiday. 

According to Saudi Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Sardar Muhammad Yousaf, the packages are a good will gift from the Saudi government to their ‘Afghan brothers’, and serve as an example of the cordial relations the two neighbouring countries maintain. The Minister also took the time to thank the Saudi Government, Khadim al-Haramain al-Sharifain, IIRO Secretary General Dr Ehsan Bin Salah Tayyab and IIRO for helping with this initiative. 

Muhammad Yousaf was, however, not the only one to voice his opinion about this initiative. His sentiments were corroborated by Acting Saudi Ambassador Muhammad Nafi Al-Madani, while Abda Bin Muhammad Ateen of IIRO vowed to continue helping the needy people of Afghanistan as best he can. 

Each Iftar package contains flour, pulse, rice, sugar, dates, ghee and basin, and will be distributed to widows, families and orphans Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province including Swabi, Mardarn, in Punjab, Wazirabad, Dera Ghazi Khan and Bahwalpur, in AJK Rawalakot, Muzafarabad and Battal and in Islamabad and its adjoining areas. 

The religious holiday of Ramazan, or Ramadan, takes place on the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, and is characterized by total fasting from dawn until sunset — a practice which extends to liquids and even cigarettes. The relief packages sent by the Saudi government should help minimize the effects of fasting for under-nourished, under-privileged Afghan men, women and children. 

Afghanistan is still, as of the present point in time, being ravaged by both a dictatorial regime and a war. As a consequence, living conditions for Afghans in the last decade have been even rougher than usual, prompting helpful initiatives such as the one Saudi Arabia has just put into place. 

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