Coupons are everywhere. Sure, there are lots of frauds when it comes to coupons, especially online. However, in general, restaurant coupons and discounts are nice things. Indeed, who doesn't want to spend less? There is a myth that every single coupon is a fraud. In this article I am going to dispel this myth and give you 3 reasons why discount coupons are helpful for customers.

Myth #1. Why do companies introduce coupons and offer their goods/services for less money?

There is a simple explanation. First off, it has to do with psychology. Would you buy a trip to Hawaii for $2k? I don't think so. What if you are offered the same trip for $1k? You will! And so will 200 other customers. What is a better option for a company selling these tours: to sell 50 trips for $2k each or to sell 200 of them for $1k? The answer is obvious.

This is how companies generate more sales and become more popular with customers. So, it is a mistake to think that you can find free cheese only in a mousetrap. Coupons do their job. Moreover, companies do not think of customers when they offer cheaper products. They think of themselves and their profits. They are selfish, it's true. But there's no harm in such selfishness if you can benefit from it, right?

Myth#2. Often, only poor quality services and products are offered!

Wrong! To the contrary, mostly expensive brands are available with discount coupons. Again, psychology plays an important role here. Do you normally buy Prada bags or shoes? You do not! However, if you are offered a reasonable price, then why not. This is what marketing experts are thinking as well. They offer coupons, and they eventually win. More people purchase good and expensive things which they would have never bought if it was not for the ridiculously low price. So, you will not find coupons for things of services that cost a few bucks. What you do find is a myriad of brands known all over the world. So, stores to do sell junk. They sell quality products. And they win in the end.

Myth #3. Companies increase prices just before issuing coupons, so there are no savings at at!

Yes, it is quite possible. In fact, there are situations when stores play such a trick. However, these are exceptions from general rules. Government authorities control price formation. And store owners know they can be fined for these tricks. Although you are not protected from these sort of frauds, odds are that you will never bump into them. Store managers understand it is better to honestly run business than to risk own reputation.

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