TeamSoda Fitness is excited to announce the launch of a new 2-in-1 Foam Roller Pack on Amazon for just £24.99! Not only will customers receive a 13”, multi-surface foam roller, but they will also get a lacrosse trigger point massage ball, fitness jump rope and bag to easily carry everything. Separately, these items would sell for £54.99, but during the launch phase, they are available for just £24.99 — that’s a 55% saving!

Along with providing an unbelievable saving, the pack contains the highest quality products that are perfect for every athlete.

-    2-in-1 Foam Roller: The outer roller features a lattice design that allows users to control the intensity of the massage. A smooth inner surface is ideal for those new to foam rolling.

-    Lacrosse Trigger Point Ball: The lacrosse ball is ideal for targeting muscle trigger points and relieving stress.

-    Fitness Jump Rope: The fitness rope is designed for speed with solid handles and a kink-resistant cable.

In the past, the 2-in-1 foam roller was available as a single item, for £19.97. After seeing its popularity, TeamSoda Fitness decided to offer this new pack to provide customers with an even better product, while still maintaining incredible value.

There is no better product available on the market. Go to today and take advantage of this fantastic new deal!

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