04, July 2015: Industry experts have warned that multiple scamming websites have surfaced online and are attempting to charge British holidaymakers for their EU medical card and other official documents such as passports and driving licenses. The websites use a copycat format and charge unknowing Brits for services that are usually free, such as applying for an EHIC card.

Experts have issued a warning to all British holidaymakers to be extra vigilant when using search engines, as these unscrupulous firms often buy adverts that plant the false websites at the top of search results. Paid-for ads often appear in an alternative colour to the ‘organic’ of search results, so users are advised to pay close attention.

Unfortunately, these fake ‘copycat’ websites are not classified as illegal unless they claim to be the official website for government documents, in which case they would be removed from the Internet. Charging money and offering a forwarding service for documents is, in fact, legal and it will usually state this somewhere on the site. Users are advised to ensure any website they use for such a service is labelled as ‘official’ and is not falsely represented on a search page.

A representative from authority website All About EHIC commented, “We’ve been extremely concerned reading the stories about Brits being scammed for their EU medical card. As stated on our website, EHIC cards are completely free and no one should ever spend any money whether they are applying for one for the first time or are renewing it. Please be careful!”

In order to apply for an EU medical card, travellers should refer straight to the NHS website and avoid search engine results. For information about what the European Health Insurance Card entitles them to, they can refer to the All About EHIC website for general information, which includes information about applying for an EHIC card as well as purchasing private insurance to cover what the card does not, and the official NHS site for the most up-to-the-minute changes and entitlements.

About All About EHIC:

P.K. Chong is the Managing Director of All About EHIC. As a major insurance authority, All About EHIC provides information and top up insurance for those travellers who already have the EHIC. This top up insurance will cover issues not covered by the EHIC card. Contact them at http://allaboutehic.org/

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