The wide range of professional Schmidt and Scarab machines with operator on board for street sweeping, spraying water and compacting garbage, addresses municipality and economic agents who have to maintain cleanliness on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, pavers, etc. All these types of road sweepers are suitable for street cleaning, as well as for cleaning parks and parking lots, as they vacuum all kinds of waste, from dust and leaves to sand, paper, stone, earth, cans, bottles, etc. Schmidt sweeper parts and Scarab sweeper parts, such as brushes or any other pieces that need to be replaced, can be found at specialised providers.


These types of cars are available in many constructive variants, taking into account the size, the working surface, the capacity of stocking waste, water spraying, the suction power as well as the possibility of optional equipment with different tools adapted to the requirements of each client. Traction, spinning of brushes, spinning of the suction turbine and emptying of waste tanks is done by hydraulic control. All variants are equipped with a power steering system for an easy handling of these machines.


Sweeping is done by means of conical or cylindrical brushes arranged on the sides and at the basis of the equipment, or beneath them (depending on model), and they are designed to place the debris in front of the suction device. Depending on the model, the system is accompanied by spraying the pavement with water in order to prevent dust suspension or they are equipped with professional dust filters. Raising and lowering of the brushes, starting and stopping of the spraying system and of the suction system, emptying waste tanks is done by the operator, from the cab, using the buttons on the control panel. Those brushes need changing from time to time, and this is where suppliers of Schmidt sweeper parts and Scarab sweeper parts intervene.


Unlike ordinary road sweepers, in the case of automatic sweeping equipments the circular brushes collect the dirt in front of the car and a roll brush, situated in the middle of the device, collects fine dirt, and then throws it into the container. There are no wheels in front of the car; there is no rubber curtain or container to disturb dirt collection. Circular brushes will penetrate beneath the dirt, they will pick it up from the ground and they will take it to the container placed on the rear of the car. Everything, including soda cans, wet or dry leaves, stones, waste large or small, they are all collected by the brushes. Reaching even outside the edges of the car, the brushes get to clean the dirt near walls, curbs or trees. Another advantage is the possibility of adjusting the sweeping pressure of the two rotating brushes as well as of the sweeping drum using only one button. The best equipment uses a double cleaning turbo system, due to the two brushes and one cylindrical sweeping brush which are able to collect even the smallest particles of trash.

These professional street sweepers are very important for the health or the population, but their maintenance is also very important. Therefore the best Schmidt sweeper parts and Scarab sweeper parts are needed for their proper functioning.