April 7, 2012 – For years, students have been seeking out opportunities to study abroad because they know that this helps them not only learn a language much faster, but because it enables them to get a better grasp of the culture from which that language comes. Many of today’s students are glad to hear that there are now scholarships available to help them on this quest, particularly for those who are looking to study Spanish in a country where this is the main spoken language.
Popular study abroad locations for this type of learning include several cities in Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona and Granada. Costa Rica is another hot choice, especially for those in the United States or Canada, but for those who prefer to head to Central or South America, schools exist in Ecuador, Peru, Guatamala, Mexico and Argentina.

AmeriSpan is one company that has decided to make things as easy for these students as possible. It is now offering scholarships and helping students who want to take part in the renowned AmeriSpan Study Abroad program to do so at a much lower cost. This certainly helps students who have need for financial assistance and is a part of the program that the company’s founder is quite proud of. “Our goal is to make it easy to study abroad. AmeriSpan does the heavy lifting to make it easy to apply for a program. Adding scholarships is our way of making it easier to pay for your Spanish immersion program,” explain John Slocum, Co-founder of AmeriSpan. This type of positive approach to helping students is a big part of what has made it easier for students to learn the language of their choice despite financial circumstances and explore a new culture, as well.

Those wishing to learn more about AmeriSpan should visit www.AmeriSpan.com today. Here they can discover Scholarships to Learn Spanish in a country they prefer.
Founded in 1993, AmeriSpan Study Abroad offers more than 100 study abroad, language-learning and volunteer programs worldwide for participants of all ages and language level. The Philadelphia-based organization has long been an innovator in the study abroad field, building its reputation by offering high quality, low cost language immersion programs. In September 2011, the company was awarded its 3rd consecutive ‘Star Award’ as the Best Agency in North America. The industry’s prestigious Star Award is voted by organizations worldwide and awarded annually.

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