30, January 2015: The back-to-school rush can be a tester at the very best of times, but when it comes to guaranteeing school lunch hygiene, help’s at hand according to The Daily Liberal, who have recently released a report about school food poisoning cases in Australia. NSW Food Authority chief executive officer Polly Bennett stated the danger of food going bad, and food poisoning is a quite common for lots of moms and dads, specifically in the warmer months of the first school term. She also added… “It is true that as temperatures increase, so does the risk of food poisoning.”

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“So the basic guideline is to keep it cool for school in order to lower that risk,” stated Bennett, who explained… “We do see a seasonal trend where the rate of salmonella, one of the most typical bacteria connected with food poisoning, rises in the summertime period. In the summer months of 2013-14 there was approximately 371 salmonella cases for NSW locals compared with approximately 186 over the winter months.”

According to the health officer the very best way to keep food safe as well as to prevent food spoiling in a lunchbox is to keep it cool. She explained… “The truth of the matter is that there are usually a number of hours between when a school lunch is packed and when it is consumed, however by following a few easy steps you can keep your children’s lunch fresh, healthy and safe. Food safety is of specific relevance for kids due to them being more vulnerable to more serious form of gastrointestinal disorder.”

Ms Bennett stated the recommendations were particularly well timed as the Food Security Council had actually just released figures showing that 25 per cent of moms and dads who packed school lunches did not include a frozen beverage or freezer block in their kid’s lunch bag. She added… “Putting a frozen drink or freezer block in your youngster’s lunchbox is among the simplest and most efficient approaches of keeping the threat of gastrointestinal disorder at bay. The other essential thing to bear in mind when returning to school is the possibility of food allergies, whether it is your own child who suffers or whether playing the role in protecting other children who might have a food allergy. The majority of NSW schools and kindergartens do have a nut free policy, considering that it is a high risk irritant, however it deserves consulting individual schools about guidelines for foods which include irritants.”

The NSW Food Authority explains that the bugs that trigger food poisoning grow quickly between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius, making it very important to keep lunch boxes cool, with parents being encouraged to keep food and drinks in a frozen lunch box or cooler bag.

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