15, October 2015: September is a special month for all students in the world because it is the beginning of a new term and a new school year. In order to refresh the school live and have a good beginning, students and parents will buy a lot of new school supplies before the commencement day. Students have new books, new stationeries and even new classmates. But these are not enough. Begin the new term with Airwheel electric scooter and inject more passion to the new school year!


Riding Airwheel electric unicycle, students can save more energy and time. As most of the school campuses are very large, it is time consuming and energy consuming to walk in different school buildings as well as the dormitory. The long distance of walking will distract students’ attention. When they reach the classroom, they are difficult to focus on the course. And it is easy to get late if they walk to classroom. With Airwheel electric unicycle, they can save more energy. The build- in intelligent chip adopts aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. Riders can simply control the scooter by change their center of gravity. Besides, the speed of electric scooter is higher than walking. Therefore, it can also save time.


Some people would say: bicycle can do the same thing. But compared with bicycle, Airwheel electric scooter is more suitable for students, because in campus, it is hard to find a parking place and bicycle is easy to be stolen. As Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is portable and small, students can put it into a bag and bring it into their dormitories and classrooms.

Riding Airwheel electric scooter is also a healthy sport for students. Students spend a long time on studying. They always sit before the desk and low their heads. Riding Airwheel electric scooter relaxes their tired necks, backs and shoulders, which is good for their growth.

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