17, July 2015: With the air quality getting worse and hazy weather cropping up frequently, public environmental concerns is gradually being heightened. A green transport, unlike traditional vehicle, is being integrated into everyday life. Based on the latest technology and the newest material, this electric unicycle performances much better than the ones whose battery is bulky and heavy but shows low efficiency in anti-overloading.

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Intelligent self-balancing scooter is built on a basic theory called Homeostasis, which is the self-balancing ability of scooter. After scooter judging the posture and condition of itself by the built-in gyroscope system and acceleration sensor, proper command would be send by precisely high-speed computing chip, then the driving motor achieves balance.

Just suppose the gravity vertical axis of driver and scooter as a line of reference, and we will understand better. When the axis tilts forward, the internal motor of self-balancing scooter would generate a forward ahead to balance the torque between scooter and the leaning driver, and vice versa. Therefore, the driver just needs to change himself the inclined angle towards ahead, back, right and left four different directions, then the two-wheeled scooter would accordingly go forward or backward, turn right or left.

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Flexibly driving mainly hinges on the intelligent balancing chip. On the strength of aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, the chip used in Airwheel makes the scooter self-balance in any directions. With world's top processor architecture, the performance of chip achieves polynomial large growth. The CPU is able to carry out floating-point computations 1024 times per second, making reaction speed much faster than that of common chip. All of above would endow the driver with fluid driving experience on Airwheel, and quickly respond to unexpected situation while driving, which efficiently avoids the driver getting injured because of delayed reaction.

Another feature of self-balancing scooter distinguishing itself from traditional vehicle is Intelligence, and the most visible reflection is Protective Mechanism. For Airwheel, each of the scooters is equipped with triple protection: tilting protection, speed-limiting protection and low-power protection. Intelligent chip supervises the status and speed in any time, in order to warn the driver when the angle of inclination exceeds safe level, the speed is over limit and the battery is nearly used up, which provide effective safety protection for the driver. This is the self-balancing scooter, the least carbon-intensive, trendiest and greenest means of transportation.

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