Japan, July 1, 2014: Japanese scientists have successfully cloned a Pure Saber-Tooth Tiger with a striking 98% similarity. The baby tiger is said to be in good health and under the 24-hour supervision of the specialists. The scientists at the Japanese government-funded laboratory of Riken Center for Development Biology are very upbeat about their achievements and they are planning to start the second cloning project of a Saber-Tooth Tiger within the next two months. This time, they are aiming to better the results and are hopeful of achieving 100% pure cloning after 6 generations.

The achievement is being seen as an important development to safeguard the species that are on the verge of extinction. When a 100% pure specimen could be developed, it will be able to preserve the unique characteristics of the endangered animals. Moreover, Japanese scientists are hopeful of starting a global captive breeding program for the animals that already been extinct. Thus, this biological science breakthrough can bring back several adorable animals and birds which once used to be a part of the earth’s eco-system.

The team of scientists is confident that they will be able to start the natural breeding process within just a few months. However, a project of this nature requires a substantial funding. Fortunately, the cloning news and the encouraging results are gaining the worldwide attention. According to Dr. David Lai of Riken Center for Development Biology, there are a few finance moguls who are now showing interest in the project and this might help bring necessary resources for the success of the project.

However, the scientists associated with the project reveal that it is always a challenging task to clone an animal with a 98% or above similarity. With the help of well-preserved tissues and undamaged genes, the cloning task is accomplished dedicatedly to achieve striking results. Scientists are gearing up for the second cloning project and they are confident to improve results to make the task of natural breeding a reality, finally. The whole world will eagerly wait for the day when 100% cloning will be a reality. To learn more about the cloning project, one may follow the link http://mogul.ws/scientists-in-japan-clone-98-pure-saber-tooth-tiger/.

About 98% Pure Saber-Tooth Tiger Cloning:

The 98% Pure Saber-Tooth Tiger cloning project has recently been accomplished by the Japanese scientists at the Japanese government-funded laboratory of Riken Center for Development Biology. The team of scientists is going to start the next cloning project within two months to improve results. After 6 generations, they are expecting to achieve a 100% pure specimen.

For more details about the cloning project, one may refer to the link http://mogul.ws/scientists-in-japan-clone-98-pure-saber-tooth-tiger/.