Achieve never before levels of Ayre, holographics soundscapes and presence.

Scottsdale, Arizona, December, 2009: Sound specialists at Scott Walter Audio have set the bar when it comes to YG acoustics, esoteric audio, and balanced audio technology. What makes them even more popular is their unique free consultation and in-house audition services that give the clients an opportunity to experience exactly what kind of sound system would suit their homes.

The proprietor of Scott Walker says, “As far as esoteric audio and holographic effect in a room is concerned, nothing even comes close to the technology employed by Scott Walker Audio. The way that some of the finest equipment is arranged can make your home theatre experience truly amazing.”

Scott Walker works with Synergistic Research, Teac Esoteric Audio, Balanced Audio Technology, Ayre Acoustics, YG acoustics and other fine products to give you an experience that encompasses refinement, liquidity, resolution and spaciousness to provide you with an unforgettable sound experience every time.

Synergy and balance are the pillars which support the Scott Walker level of sound re-production, and the fact that you get to try it out in your home before committing, makes it even better.

According to Scott Walker, “My approach to audio is simple. I help my clients achieve a level of sonic realism by matching cables, AC conditioning, electronics & room acoustics treatments that offer state-of-the-art performance and value.”

There is a lot of process involved in installing an audio system and it starts with defining the goals of the client. After this, the clients home is visited, which is followed by an extended in-home evaluation where the clients ´live‘ with the system for a few days to get the feel of it before they come to a final decision.

The company‘s website has a link for ´Featured Lines‘. It has descriptions about various technologies which can be found with them. The descriptions are very elaborate and discuss all of the aspects of Ayre Acoustics, BAT, Esoteric Audio, Magico Speakers, Shakti Innovations, Synergestic Research and YG Acoustics.

In the ´Cables‘ section, you will also find various types of interconnects, speaker cables, power-cords, digital cables, subwoofer cables and phone cables. Also look into Acoustic ART (Analogue Room Treatment) System state-of-the-art equipment.

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Contact Information:

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Phone numbers: 1-877-618-9202 / 1-714-349-7782

Email: [email protected]