05, October 2015: While students enjoy summer break, many families are wondering where they can place their students for the fall when they are failing or having problems in traditional school settings. Scotts Valley School offers a way for students to become independent and self-sufficient by using a unique therapeutic model in conjunction with state standards of curriculum. Now, the school is preparing for fall enrollment in anticipation of the incoming group of new students who will benefit from these methods.

Scotts Valley School as seen at http://www.scottsvalleyschool.com/ offers a wide range of therapeutic boarding school options for both male and female students ages 12 to 18. The flexible Therapeutic Model includes activities designed to help teens feel useful and valuable and find their true talents and build self-esteem. Teens who are suffering from low academic performance even though they have high potential, who are defiant towards their parents or those in authority, have anger toward family members or who are experimenting with drugs or alcohol may find that they can succeed in this environment. Parents and family members are invited to support their students through yearly seminars and other activities to which they will be invited.

While attending the school, students are also given the classes they need to succeed academically. Students who stay until graduation receive a regular high school diploma from the state of Oregon. For more information on Scotts Valley School and its therapeutic model of teen education, visit the website.

About Scotts Valley School:

Scotts Valley School is a licensed, Oregon-based therapeutic boarding school. With the help of a flexible Therapeutic Model, Scotts Valley School will provide ways to inspire a passion for life by supporting their students own passion for meaning within their lives.

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