06, December 2014: The Gravity Block/Sinker Weight is the latest 3D application in a series of Animated Marine Calculation Apps, which are being designed by SeaCalcs for both the professional and recreational mariner. The modern and simple 3D interface has been designed to calculate the mass “in air,” and the mass “when submerged,” in both US Standard and Metric calculations.


This animated marine app has been especially designed to show the total weight mass when totally immersed, which is considerably less than when in air, either with the weight being used as a mooring block or as a permanent sub-sea construction. The animated marine app is very user friendly, having all relevant help and information provided on the Play Store for Android, and the App Store for Apple. SeaCalcs have confirmed that all of the calculations found on this application have been revised by an approved group of naval engineers.

System requirements for the Gravity Block/Sinker Weight App are for Mobile and tablets, Android with OS 4.x or higher, but most important of all, is that SeaCalcs has given Seafarers the freedom to use this App in the field without the need for an Internet connection. Marine engineers can see how the app works in the official SeaCalcs video, which was recently published on Youtube. In the video, it explains that Archimedes said that any object totally or partially in a liquid will experience an upward buoyant force equal to the weight of the liquid that the object displaces. We are then told that gravity blocks or sinker weights are commonly used in the marine industry, as a means of securing a floating object, and/or as a permanent sub-sea construction, so this app has been designed to show the mass of the block when totally immersed, which can be considerably less than when in air.

The SeaCalcs website says that the animated apps provide “introduction” and “how to use” tabs, where all of the formula that have been used for individual tasks are explained in full, with the expected results shown using 3D animated images. SeaCalcs state that all of their apps, formula and 3d animated images have each been revised and approved by qualified professional naval engineers. Information about the SeaCalcs animated marine calculation apps can be found on their website here: http://www.seacalcs.com

Information for downloading the Gravity Block/Sinker Weight App for Android devices can be found here: http://seacalcs.com/apps.html

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