Lexington, Kentucky; 07 July, 2014: Locally owned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Marketing Company announced today that they’ll be opening locally, location not yet specified, by likely somewhere near Morehead or Lexington Kentucky. 

Small businesses in Eastern Kentucky need an locally owned Internet Marketing company. Locals expect Search Simplicity to help increasse the confidence and overall success of small (start up) businesses in the area. Gaining success as a start up business can be extremely difficult, but from the massive amount of business that become successful online each and everyday, this will make a noticable impact on businesses in Eastern Kentucky. 

About Search Simplicity: 

Search Simplicity will offer businesses the opportunity to not just establish an online presence, but to market that business via Organic Search Engine Optimization. Search Simplicity provides business with not only Search Engine Optimization services, but they also provide Social Media Marketing, Link Building, Website Traffic Generation and Marketing, PPC (Google Adwords) advertising, Brand Recognition. That’s just to mention a few of their high quality services. 

More information is expected to be released. Please go online and follow Search Simplicity at: http://SearchSimplicity.com to learn more about this Eastern Kentucky marketing company! 

To learn more about this online marketing and Search Engine Optimization company, please contact: 

For Media Contact:
Gregory Smith, CEO
Office: (859) 396-6357

Servces: http://www.searchsimplicity.com/monthly-seo-plans/