Seattle - The final match of 48th American Professional Football ¡°Super Bowl¡±, the famous NFL team Seattle Seahawks has beaten the Denver Broncos by the score of 43:8. This time should be the first time that the Seattle Seahawks team got the championship of the famous America football match Super Bowl.

As the introduction from the specialized San Antonio Spurs Championship ring online seller, Seattle Seahawks have the strongest defense force in all of these teams in league. On the other hand, the Denver Broncos offense in this season is extremely sharp that has already been considered one of the most outstanding offensive teams in league history. So, the final match between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos has been called the contradiction war.

However, after the beginning of this game, situation has become surprisingly and this battle of spear and shield has been entered into the situation of one-sided winning. The Young Seattle Seahawks got score again and again. Through the continuous scoring and solid defensive, this young team established huge advantage 29:0 at the third quarter of this game. While Manning late help the Broncos finally break the scoring drought in the third quarter, but the time is too late and the Seahawks get 35 points victory by completing successfully two touchdowns. That should be the first time that the Seattle Seahawks getting the championship of the super bowl. On the contrary, this should also be the most sadly failure of the traditional NFL stronger team Denver Broncos. If people want to get the custom Custom San Antonio Spurs Ring , please do not hesitate to get contact with Rockchampions.

This is the first time that the Seattle Seahawks get the super champion ring since its establishment in 1974. This time is also the Seattle¡¯s first major professional league champion after the Seattle Sonics get the NB championship in the 1979. So, this time should be very remarkable for each people and fans in this famous city in America.

In addition the champion ship getting of this them, the linebacker of Seattle Seahawks team whose name is Malcolm Smith was elected as the best game MVP after this remarkable fight. This could also the most remarkable time for this NFL player.

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