Designing and making jewelry is truly an ancient art as archaeology has revealed time and again. The great thing about this industry or art is that anyone can do it. You will be able to find some amazing pieces made by highly experienced independent jewelry makers. You then have large manufacturers who produce multiple pieces from the same design. It all starts with a basic concept and boils down to the creativity of the designer. Given the huge variations produced each year, it is a tribute to the high level of creativity of those who work in this field.

Let's now take a look at the process of how this beautiful gemstone is created from something raw. The first step is sawing the gemstone to a workable dimension. Then there are applications for grilling, polishing, tumbling, lapping and sanding. All raw gemstones go through this process, and the expert doing these procedures uses his professional skills to do them the right way. Everything depends on the shape and size as well as the type of setting in which the stone will be placed. What has taken place throughout history is still present today in principle. For example, the jewelry of the particular day was entirely dependent on current levels of technology. Since they didn't have any methods available to cut stones, some cultures didn't use gems in their designs. As gem cutting became more popular, more and more jewelry was produced that featured cut stones. Designs were also created according to the type of precious metal that was easily available. Thus, in history, some areas featured more silver jewelry and some more gold jewelry.

Let your personality shine through loud and clear when you choose jewelry. But as you know, some styles and use of stones, for example, will fade and others will emerge anew. But this is one of the great things about jewelry too. There will always be a few traditional pieces of jewelry that will suit your collection nicely. But include a wide variety of options in your overall collection. When you do that, then you are assured of always having something appropriate for the occasion.

After years of training at gem cutting schools, master cutters will be ready to work with their new found skills. To finish off what they have learned over a several year period, they will enter into an apprenticeship with a master cutter. Since there is plenty of room for error, and that is part of the challenge. The end result of becoming a skilled artisan in stone cutting is what you see in jewelry stores that people will buy. Jewelry that sparkles in this manner is usually not given its due appreciation. Little known to the general public, the skills of a master gem cutter are usually unknown or forgotten.

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