20, March 2015: When SecureDocs, Inc. launched its first product, SecureDocs virtual data room (VDR), it purposely sought to change the landscape of the data room market. The SecureDocs VDR continues to lead the industry because it is easy to use, reasonably priced, and employs stringent security measures. Now, SecureDocs, Inc. has expanded its software services by launching its latest creation called ContractWorks. 

ContractWorks is designed to streamline the contract management process by eliminating the need for burdensome spreadsheets, complicated processes, or expensive systems. Much like the SecureDocs VDR, the ContractWorks platform is simple to implement with an intuitive interface, handy features, and flat-fee pricing. And, similar to the SecureDocs VDR, ContractWorks incorporates the most advanced security measures available to ensure that data is stored and shared securely. 

According to Will Reynolds, the company’s CEO, the SecureDocs, Inc. team recognized that “contract management can be an arduous process, draining a company’s valuable time and resources.” Of course, given that many companies are understandably concerned about data security, SecureDocs, Inc. wanted to protect confidential and valuable information that contracts frequently contain. Thus, the SecureDocs, Inc. team decided, “to develop a product that streamlines the contract management process and preserves data security.” After all, the primary goal of SecureDocs, Inc. is to create products that will help businesses to function more efficiently without companies having to sacrifice security or spend exorbitant sums of money. 

SecureDocs, Inc. builds software solutions that are practical, efficient, and affordable, and it designs and prices its solutions so that they are useful and available to businesses of all sizes in a variety of sectors. Now, in addition to safeguarding important documents in the SecureDocs VDR, companies can employ ContractWorks to simplify the contract management process. 


ContractWorks is the newest member of the SecureDocs, Inc. family of products. Located in Santa Barbara, California, the team at SecureDocs, Inc. is dedicated to building software solutions that are highly secure, easily adopted, and affordable for any type or size of business. SecureDocs, Inc. products feature simple user interfaces, practical tools that clients actually need and utilize, and a straightforward, transparent pricing plan. 

The SecureDocs, Inc. team has a long history in the SaaS space, helping to create well-known products like GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, AppFolio, and Rightscale. SecureDocs, Inc. meticulously engineers its products, paying significant attention to client privacy. 

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