17, December 2014: The festive season is the perfect time to visit Italy, and there are many attractions for visitors to enjoy in the country, say experts from ABTOI’s website Love Italy. Just one of these is the upcoming live nativity scene in Sutera.

Sutera is a small medieval village in the Caltanissetta province of Sicily. Every year, the people of the village recreate a live nativity scene and it has become a popular and authentic tourist attraction.

Experts from ABTOI’s Love Italy site say tourists can experience this magical event for themselves from December 24 to January 6, making it the ideal cultural experience for anyone staying in Italy over the holiday season.

Taking place in the Arab quarter of the village, locals re-enact the nativity scene by dressing up as shepherds and other traditional local figures from the town, such as farmers and storytellers. Everyone then walks up the hill towards the stable, where the nativity scene is being re-enacted, enjoying entertainment from the locals on the way.

Local cuisine is served, providing guests with an opportunity to experience the authentic tastes of the region. These include typical dishes from the Caltanissetta province.

Another place experts from ABTOI’s Love Italy website recommend visiting at Christmas is Naples, where the nativity tradition is extremely important. Here, the traditional holy family is depicted in the nativity scenes, but they are featured alongside local objects, animals and unrelated figures. The creative nativity scenes make for an interesting attraction, which is unique to the area. Visitors are encouraged to head to Via San Gregorio Armeno, a street full of stalls dedicated to nativity-related items.

Italy is a fascinating destination over the festive period, and tourists will find plenty of cultural attractions to enjoy. However, the attractions related to the nativity are especially interesting and emotive.

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