United States of America 03/21/2014: Some of the most successful people in the world have mentors and this is a common observation. Mentoring is essential not only to improve live but, boost social development, academic achievement as well as increase chances of long-term success. “Seek to Keep” is a book written by Noam Kostucki and Lujie Chen which is aimed towards helping people find mentors for their lives. Three approaches have been undertaken which include exercises, stories and questions. Throughout the book, readers are asked different questions, given tasks to complete and shares insights/experiences of some successful people who followed the advice of their mentors. The book is considered to be ideal for those who have a strong desire to succeed in life.

The structured framework offered by the book helps people to find their perfect mentors as well as keep mentors for the rest of their lives. More than twenty accomplished individuals have shared their advices, insights and experiences which can prove to be extremely helpful for the growth and success of an individual. Research has already proven that mentorship can help instill a feeling of positivity and confidence in the lives of people and encourage them towards achieving their goals. The unique mix of questions, stories and exercises help people with enhanced self-awareness and search successfully for their ideal mentors.

Starting from professional development to personal development, the book can offer people with the right advice and suggestion so as to search for their perfect mentor. People reading the book will definitely feel a gradual change in their behavior and approach towards life. Some of the extracts provided in the book after interviewing the different mentors are truly inspirational and motivating in every aspect. The mentors have shared their views and opinions about having a mentor in life and how it can change the course of direction of life in a positive manner. Some of the interviewees include Ann Rolfe, Aaron Maniam, Chee Wah Chong, Benjamin Loh and more.

The book assists people to better deal with the ups and downs of life with a positive attitude and high self esteem. The supportive relationship between the mentee and the mentor plays a huge role towards the overall development of the mentee as an inspiring and motivating human being. However, it is always a good idea to find for the right mentor from an early age so as to be on the right path from the beginning. “Seek to Keep” is a book that has earned huge popularity within a short time period among a wide audience base.

About “Seek to Keep”:

Website: http://www.seektokeep.com/

Seek to Keep is a book which has been authored by Noam Kostucki and Lujie Chen. The primary purpose of the book is to assist people with a desire to succeed in life search for their right mentors and keep them for the rest of their lives.