20, August 2015: S3, the most classical one among S family has numerous fans all over the world. Despite the updated S3T and the latest S5, it still keeps the throne of the best-selling electric vehicle due to its particular features. Many people are interested in learning S3 and be more familiar with this two-wheeled intelligent scooter. Now, the Airwheel news editor will introduce several extraordinary features of S3.


1. Lighter but faster. S3, with the weight of only 22.4 kilogram looks pretty light and the secret lies in its material: macromolecular nanomaterial. However, its speed cannot be ignored, which is able to get 18 km per hour, much faster than other scooters. Once fully charged, S3 is able to cover the journey of 45 kilometers.

2. Humanity design.The particular anti-collision design at the back of handlebar helps to minimize certain impact caused by scratches and collisions.

3. IP56 waterproof rating. The latest S3 comes with fulling sealed circuit boards. No matter in the rain or on muddy terrains, riders can just manipulate regardless water or mud.

4. LED atmosphere light. The colorful lights on S3’s lever make riders personalized. Besides, the unique settings of breath lights make others recognize them easily.


5. Dynamic contour.The size of every parts of S3 has been taken into careful consideration so as to deliver dynamic exterior appearance and realize the optimal function and advance user experience.

Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter S3, to some extent, helps solve the issue of energy consuming and safety due to handle, especially for the green hand. Moreover, the fashionable design will definite the concept of fashion style. No wonder, S3 is sweeping the world and earned a great number of fans. Despite a young age, S3, according to those designers in Airwheel, climbs the peak of Airwheel product line due to its revolution in design and technology. As a result of that, please do not hesitate to bring an Airwheel intelligent electric scooter S3 back to your home.

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