MenWheel offers a revolutionary alternative to electric bicycles and electric cars. The inexpensive self-balancing unicycle is attractive in appearance and inexpensive.

PRESS RELEASE: Blue Bell PA, 18-AUGUST-2015 — MenWheel is pleased to announce that the popularity of its electric unicycle is growing in popularity since its introduction to the marketplace. The self balancing unicycle is remarkably easy to operate and has a number of advantages which have contributed to its popularity. New releases on the market are sleek and colorful. A range of electric colors add to the aesthetic appeal of the device.

A self balancing scooter is a transportation device which offers benefits to those looking for a thrifty and convenient way of getting around for short trips. The electric unicycle has a single wheel and operates using electricity. The design is more sophisticated than that of an electric bicycle. The latter only enhances the rider's power, who must also do the steering. The unicycle electronics permit the rider to balance the device. As well as stabilizing it and providing thrust.

The sales of the device have increased to a level that provides significant competition to traditional electric car dealers. Riders are able to stand or sit without the help from brakes or handlebars. Its features have moved the unit from the ranks of a luxury toy to that of a smart and fashionable means of transportation.

The major benefits of the device include its safety while learning, freedom from traffic congestion, environmentally friendly design and portability. In addition, the unicycle is inexpensive and has no restrictions about where it may be ridden. The device may be used in hot weather or cold weather.

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