Clarksville, TN; 09, December 2014: There are a myriad of self development blogs on the internet but not all self development blogs are created equal. Author of one of the best selling personal development books online – Jason Mangrum – has proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt with his blog, 

On average, a life coaching session can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour. However, there’s no use to spend that sort of money on self development. This is because Jason’s blog provides inspiring, empowering and insightful articles and videos on a daily basis – free of cost. Popular topics featured on his blog include: 

* Tips for Improving Self Esteem
* How to Tap into Your Core Power
* How to Raise Your Vibrations
* How to Manifest What You Want
* 7 Day Money Manifesting Experiment

When asked what inspired him to create this blog, Mangrum commented: “After the overwhelming response to my personal development book “Uberman”, I wanted to have a consistently updated resource my readers could go to for daily inspiration, motivation and transformation. I also recognized there was a need for a centralized resource for seekers of Self Development that was updated daily with brand new content which could easily be shared with others to inspire and motivate them.” 

He further added, “You see all kinds of posts on social networks for funny memes, trending topics, news stories and so on. I wanted to raise awareness for unlocking true human potential by creating a viral website worth reading and watching.” With page views ranging from 13,270 to 1,243,476, there is no doubt that Mangrum’s website is making an indelible impression on the minds and lives of individuals who read the articles and watch the videos. 

For a daily dose of self development, inspiration and empowerment – visit Jason’s blog at: 

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