A self development website created by Ash Pembroke has been gaining popularity with visitors over the past few months: — http://www.selfesteemactivitieshub.com/ . 

The site has grown considerably since its launch and new useful content have been added to stay true to the original vision of keeping people informed about low self esteem, and steps to be taken to effectively address it and overcome the issues stem from it. 

Discussions about overcoming low self esteem have proven to be an important page also and one that attracts most of the visitors. Besides the topic of low self esteem, the website has been also focusing on shyness and social anxiety problems. 

Site founder, Ash Pembroke: 

“I have decided to include shyness and social anxiety among the areas that I cover, as these stem from low self esteem. Unfortunately this is largely misunderstood and most people believe social anxiety causes low self esteem, when in fact it is the opposite. Poor self worth has a lot to answer for in so called ‘mental health problems’, and with a little work anyone who is in the grips of such negative emotions can recover and move on with their lives.” 

There is a lot more planned for the website, apart from adding more articles, an email newsletter and free downloads will be available soon for readers to learn more about techniques that help to boost individual’s self esteem and confidence. 

A Facebook page has also been set up for visitors: http://www.facebook.com/SelfEsteemActivitiesHub . 

If you wish to find out more about SelfEsteemActivitiesHub.com, contact Ash directly using this information: 

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