China - If beauties want to finish the self photos taking, the need to rise up their smart phone to 45 angle above their head and put their face in right place. However, if they want to get some beautiful background into the picture, most of them will have the regret feeling that their arm does not have the enough length. Here are several ¡°god equipments¡± from famous iphone telescope online seller which could help each people perfectly finish the self beautiful photos taking.

The first one is the photo camera remote control lever which can be fixed on the phone. This device could help to scale and rotate the phone. On the other hand, it could also used for controlling the camera cards, micro-camera and others.

The second one is the mobile shutter. This kind of products from could be mainly divided into Android phones version and Apple phones versions. This products just like the normally data line which one end could be connected to the phone and the other end can be held in the hand to achieve the remote controlling the handset and it could also help to prevent hand tremor.

The thirdly very useful device is the bluetooth phone remote control. The function of this device is similar with the shutter. However, people can use it to achieve the wireless operation. This device could wireless connect with people¡¯s phone via Bluetooth pairing. After the connection, people can control the phone shutter very easily. In most cases, this device should be in conjunction with the self-timer remote control lever.

Although there are numerous functions and operating methods of the phone camera lens , it also allows the single cell phone camera has the function to shoot pictures with a variety of effects. However, when it refers to the effect on the screen, the camera still not as good as the high quality SLR cameras and each sort of lenses will take people a certain amount of time to install. In the actual shooting such as the pictures capturing, these cell phone camera probably will not be played very well.

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