Vernon Hills, Illinois; 15, August 2015: Many people are familiar with the Electric Scooters you can purchase at Walmart. Theyare designed for kids to play in their neighborhood at slow speed and low torque. They are heavy (usually more than 45lbs) and not easily foldable. The lead acid battery used in these kid’s electric scooters will probably not last more than a single season of use, have a low energy to weight ratio and are environmentally unfriendly. These types of scooters are fun toys but have not changed the way many people get around because they are heavy, slow and bulky.

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Now just imagine you as an adult can glide on a standup scooter effortlessly at 15 mph and then within seconds have it standing/rolling next to you like a suitcase when you need to get on a bus, a train or ferry. The Glion Dolly Electric Scooter is no kid’s toy. Powerful and fun, the long lasting lithium-ion-battery-powered personal transportation device connects you with public transportation stations and places where it used to be too long for a walk but too crowded for a car. Jeff Kong and his team at Probity Cell LLChave created the perfect last mile solution.The revolutionary Glion Dolly Electric Scooter is a standard two-wheeled scooter,looking like the popular kid’s kick model, but this scooter is motorized, powered by the newest lithium-ion electric vehicle battery technology and 100% portable like a roller bag suitcase.

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Probity Cell LLC turned to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter last year for help with the original Glion Model 100 and saw incredible success. The Glion E Scootercan take an average adult up to 25kmph/15mph with 25km/15m range after a little over 3 hours charge. The speed and range was designed to address the safety, practicality and legality concerns for majority of commuters. Though not over-designed for simplicity, reliability and affordability purposes, the Glion sets itself apart from many other motorized scooters in key components. The lithium-ion battery is made of Samsung 18650 cylindrical cells based on lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC), which are safer and more durable than non-cylindrical lithium-ion battery used by many other electric motorized solutions. Tesla, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung all chose to use cylindrical cells for their electric vehicle applicationsfor the same reasons. The motor is a 250-Watt brushless, direct drive hub motor. It is very simple, powerful and reliable electric motor with no chains, no gears, no grease, no maintenance. The tires use a military technology honeycomb interior structure, which softens the ride while never flat. The sturdy frame of the scooter is composed of air-craft grade aluminum alloy with water resistant design throughout. The Glion Team exceeded their funding goal and delivered the much-anticipated foldable light weightelectric scooters to happy Kickstarter backers worldwide. They have again turned to Kickstarter for help on producing the updated version of the ultimate commuter scooter, and again, have raised nearly all the funds neededin record time. So, for those interested in getting in on owning one of the first self-standing style e-scooters produced, the perfect last mile solution for public transit commuting, there is still time to get involved by contributing to the Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Kickstarter Campaign.

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Kong and his team werethrilled with the success of the original Glion 100, but returned to the research and development bench to make the popular scooter even better. They realized that the Model 100 was great, but people needed a way to effortlessly manage walking and standing with the scooter in crowded public transportation areas, not having to lug the scooter or annoy fellow passengersby taking too much space with a dirty piece of hardware.

“We realized that handling the scooter in its non-riding mode is equally important for commuters. Many so-called last mile solutionsstrain your back while trying to carry them through the public transit station or upset fellow passengers by dirtying them with your road grit. What we wanted was the transportation convenience of anelectric scooter combined with the portability convenience of a roller bag suitcase,” said Kong. “We designed the world’s first self-standing dolly style e-scooter — by far the best combination of portability and motorized personal transportation available.”

The team at Probity Cell LLC created the new Glion Model 200 Dolly Electric Scooter to provide the same power, design and the clean stealth look of the original Glion Model 100, but with the advantage of three important additions.

“We integrated roller wheels and retractable handle into the scooter frame and gave owners an easy-to-usecover. Though it still weighs only 26lbs, now, with the dolly feature you can fold the scooter up and walk with it or have it stand vertically by your side like you would a roller bag suitcase, taking only half square foot of real estate. Our tests have shown that with the added cover users feel much more comfortable and less self-conscioususing their Glion Dolly in a crowded setting such as a public transit station or an elevator. The roller wheels and retractable handle make portaging your Glion Dolly effortless.” said Kong.

The Glion Model 200 boasts a 3.25-hour charge time, a 15-mile range, 220lbs capacity and a 15 mph top speed.

The final model still needs a few elements to be tested and refined. Much was learned with the Glion 100, and many details have been improved. Early bird supports will receive their Glion Dolly in October with the balance of backer to receive their Dolly Electric Scooter in November.

The campaign is still open and looking for backers. Visit Glion 200 Dolly for more information or the Glion website here.

About Probity Cell LLC:

Probity Cell LLC was founded in August, 2012. Their mission is to change the way the world commutes by creating portable last mile transportation devices that leverage the strengths of the lithium ion battery. Probity Cell LLC wants to shorten your commute time and add fun to your day. Probity Cell LLC was founded by Jeff Kong, Wei Chang and Robert McCormick.

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