06, July 2015: Sending money online is now a simple, affordable and reliable process when you compare money transfer services through SendThatCashThe website lets users choose a reliable and affordable service provider in three simple steps. One can search for the service provider for sending money between two countries, can compare their services and features and can send money in the fastest and reliable manner.

According to the Managing Director of SendThatCash Mohamed Jamal Mohamed, the trend of online money transfer increasing exponentially and people are often in search of a reliable service provider that can allow users to send money quickly and at the cheapest rates. From businesses to individual users, all are using the internet to send money online through these services and for different purposes. Sendthatcash.com's mission is to compare the services of all the wire transfer and foreign exchange companies in the world and help people make sensible decisions and save money. Mohamed Jamal says: “Since there are a number of service providers in the market, customers can easily be confused and may fail to choose the best one. If they don’t compare their services, features, exchange rates, fees and other important factors they could lose a lot of money through hidden charges,”

The Managing Director maintains that the popularity of their search and compare feature is increasing among the people who regularly send money online different places around the world. The site offers several types of tools that can allow users to find the cheapest rates to transfer or exchange money online. One can check the inter­bank exchange rates to make sure that they are choosing the best and cheapest option for sending money online. The services of the website have been designed for people to experience a simple and fast cash transfer without any hassles.

Sendthatcash.com endeavours to make international payments a simple process, whether someone is planning to purchase real estate abroad or going for a family vacation at an exotic foreign destination. Not only does this website make the task of sending money fast and simple, but one can also better manage the payments and can keep a track of it. To take advantage of their search and comparison services for sending cash anywhere in the world just visit www.sendthatcash.com

About SendThatCash:

Sendthatcash.com is one of the first ever money transfer and foreign exchange comparison websites. The site provides users with the opportunity to compare among the world’s fastest and reliable international money transfer providers and foreign exchange firms that are able to transfer monies safely around the world. People can find the best foreign exchange rates to send money online or exchange currency online.

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