SensoLatino is a leading eyewear supplier offering a wide selection of sunglasses

Beginning in July 2015, the SensoLatino line of sunglasses will bring its unique new products to life around the world.  The SensoLatino Spring/Summer 2015 Collection includes exciting new versions of theSensoLatino Aviator and the SensoLatino Wayfarer sunglasses, both of which will be available in a wide variety of stylish color and material combinations.

The SensoLatino Spring/Summer 2015 Collection of sunglasses features a design that is deeply rooted in the exotic Mediterranean and Latin influences of Italian culture.  Such an influence results in a new, sophisticated look built from a wide range of inspiration, from Italy’s glamorous atmosphere to the young trendsetters of today who crave stylish sunglasses for all occasions.

For those who prefer a more classic frame style but still want a modern twist, the SensoLatinosunglasses are an excellent choice.  This line gathers its influence from frame styles that were popular from the 1960s to the 1990s.  The style has been recreated with modern materials and a more contemporary fit to bring vintage back into the limelight.

SensoLatino is more than just style, however.  These sunglasses are built from carefully selected plastics and durable, lightweight lenses.  They are available in a variety of combinations, and may include colored, polarized, and antireflection lenses with 100% UV protection of UVA up to 400nm.  SensoLatino frames are built from a stress-resistant material that provides a standard fit without sacrificing durability.  Best of all, each pair of SensoLatino sunglasses comes with an original designer case and packaging to ensure quality and authenticity.

The innovative design, high quality materials, unmatched attention to detail, and superb craftsmanship of SensoLatino sunglassescreate a lasting impression that is sure to please.

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About SensoLatino:
SensoLatino is a fashion-forward sunglasses company founded by professionals from the high-fashion sectors.  Based in Europe, the company primarily focuses on providing the American and European marketplace with high-quality, glamorous, and trendy sunglasses.  SensoLatino showcases the perfect marriage of high-tech fabrication and innovative design to create wearable, practical sunglasses with a flair for the fashionable.

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