London, United Kingdom; 08, October 2016: Neadoo Digital is an agency that offers online marketing solutions. Based in Canary Wharf, the company also provides website, e-commerce platform and SEO services. Striving to deliver nothing short of perfection, Neadoo Digital is an industry leader.

The agency has refined their SEO service by making the bold move to a results-based offering. In a nutshell, Neadoo Digital only get paid when their clients get to the first 10 Google SERPs results.

Why make such a landmark move?

For years, SEO got dominated by providers that seldom offered a results-driven service. Neadoo Digital in London hopes to change the industry landscape with their innovative solution. Customers can use their service with confidence, knowing they only pay when the desired results get achieved.

It's a common fact that people don't often browse past the first page of Google search results. As a result, many organisations pay SEO firms to help them get to that first page. However, the sad truth is that many of them fail to deliver what they promised. And, what's worse is their customers must still pay for those SEO services!

At Neadoo Digital, they have a different approach. As anyone might expect, they believe their clients should only pay when they're happy. So, until a customer's website appears on page one of the SERPs for their keyword, they pay nothing!

Ethical SEO services

Neadoo Digital are an SEO provider that only use "white hat" SEO methods. They don't resort to tactics used by many of their competitors that could blacklist a website. Instead, they only use ethical, tried and tested practices that generate real results.

Part of their offering includes organic search SEO. It's a proven fact that web surfers trust organic listings more than PPC ads. An organic search SEO strategy will also save money compared to pay-per-click advertising.

On-page SEO services

Part of any search engine optimisation strategy should involve performing on-page SEO. Neadoo Digital have a team of experts that can identify and fix any content and HTML issues on a website.

Their techniques will ensure each client's website content is readily available to search engines. Most important of all, they will make sure it's attractive to individual site visitors too!

Local SEO

Many of Neadoo Digital's customers wish to target an audience in their local area. The agency can help to achieve that goal; on average, an increase of 148% organic traffic is possible. What's more, with local SEO techniques, sites can bolster their online sales by 33%!

PPC advertising

Pay-per-click ads are a good way to promote new sites on the web. Neadoo Digital's expert team have the skills and tools to manage any PPC campaign.

About Neadoo Digital:

Neadoo Digital are a complete digital marketing agency. Based in Canary Wharf, London, their specialists develop viable content strategies for their clients. The firm offers SEO services, web development, and CRO.

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