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All the people that have been used to the old design of SEO Clerks website will no longer be seeing it when the new web theme is launched. What could be the whole purpose of the transition from the old to the new web theme? Apparently, the company feels that it has to treat its customers to new and improved designs. They feel that a new and improved web theme will definitely be able to give their customers a fresh low and a new feeling about website With a new look, they hope that customers will feel more attracted to visit the site than before. In order to achieve this, the company will incorporate a lot of new features on its new web theme.

Fresh and Fantastic Design

First of all, there will be new colours on the web theme. Obviously those who are used to the old design will definitely see a huge difference between the old and the new web theme. This is exactly what they hope to achieve with their new combination of colours. Apart from the colours, they will also introduce several rounded elements. This new web theme will also include attractive previews in form of circles.

Rich Navigation Tree

In the past, SEO Clerks have always used convenient navigation menus on their web theme. In line with their old trend of having a category tree, SEO Clerks will also include it on their new web theme. Unlike the old-style menus, the new navigation tree will be very convenient and improved. The whole essence of improving is to make it easy for the Sellers and Buyers to navigate the GIGs by categories much easier than before.

Beautiful and Responsive (Mobile Ready)

What about the responsive nature of the new web theme; what ideas does SEO Clerks have about this? A responsive web theme is very important. SEO clerks have obviously noticed that it is very important to ensure that their site is responsive to other devices that are able to access the internet. In view of this, they will make their new web theme responsive to various mobile devices that can access the Internet.

The social network remains a critical aspect of advertising any company’s services. With this in mind, SEOClerks appear more than set to include social network icons in their new web theme. In a bid to make their site more attractive, the company will aim at including new elegantly looking social network icons.

Above all, theme will have a modern flat design, a grid layout and a professional appearance which really grab people’s attention.

Contact person: Andrew Jeffrey
City: Los Angeles
Country: United States
Phone: +1 (661) 310-21-07
Email: [email protected]