The United States of America, August 12, 2014:There has been a massive development in the online field in the past decade. Many webmasters have come up with innovative ways to rank their websites. But it is always considered good to take help of a professional SEO company. Search engine optimisation is one of those tactics that have been innovated in order to beat the competition. SeoDude is an optimisation service provider that offers the advantage of affordability. Its affordable SEO charges are unmatched and the strategy of optimisation is effective too. It provides full range of SEO services from ultimate keyword research to Google place submission. The regular acknowledgement sent by clients and customers is evidence of its efficiency.

The effectiveness in the SEO strategy adopted by professional is evident from the confidence the company exhibits. It does not have a sales team like most other SEO providers and rather relies on referrals by clients, social media campaigns and organic SEO for business. The business philosophy of the company is to maintain 100% transparency and encourage prospective clients to ask any question that confuses them. Strict adherence to the philosophy has helped the company retain high percentage of its customers. The coupling of transparency with affordable SEO makes SeoDude a feasible choice for SEO requirement of big as well as small companies.

SeoDude has, however, not limited its services to only SEO implementation. Since it specialises in SEO, it trains other too. Though the SEO training wing of the company is relatively new, it has gained firm foothold as an SEO training provider too. It successfully trained 140 individuals and companies on SEO in total in 2013 alone. The SEO strategy of experts is quite different from most of the other SEO providers. In additional to affordable SEO price, the company has defied the industry-trend of service-packages. The need and expectation of different clients is normally different. So, SeoDude does not bundle services and allows prospective clients to pose their requirement, based on which the service is prescribed and offered.

Affordable SEO is alone not the reason behind the successful business of SeoDude. The company implements well-defined process that ensures complete optimisation of the website and subsequent ranking on 1st page of Google search-results page. It first fixes the coding and other issues that may hinder successful SEO attempt. The content of the website is optimised not only according to Google but also made user-friendly. Accounts are created at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Hangouts in order to build the ‘social link wheel’. Creation of Google XML sitemap, addition of Google webmaster tools, submission of website and selection of target region ultimately attract Google to crawl the website.

About SeoDude:


SeoDude is an online SEO service company that was started 7 years ago in 2007. It is based in Phoenix and exclusively provides SEO with the employment of a dozen of professionals. It has a sister company that specialises in training individuals and firms on SEO.