27, October 2016: Airwheel acts like as a scooter-manufacture for several years. Over years, it has made great efforts to gain its hard-won success and honor in the sector of electric scooter. Adhering to the triple principle: innovative, eco-friendly and user-friendly, Airwheel has rolled out series of scooters by sequence, overwhelmingly dominating the current sector of the electric scooter.

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Adhering to the triple principle: innovative, eco-friendly and user-friendly, Airwheel has rolled out series of scooters by sequence. So far, there are seven different kinds of mini electric scooter and a series of smart helmet. These series include the single-wheeled X-series, the twin-wheeled Q-series, the intelligent self-balancing S-series, sitting posture self-balancing scooter A series, wireless remote control skateboard M series, foldable electric scooter Z series and smart e bike E series. The Airwheel C series with C5 intelligent helmet is the first wearable device released by Airwheel.


The single-wheeled X-series is famous as its agility. Besides the advantages of X-series, the twin-wheeled Q-series enjoys an excellent balance and convenience due to its unique two-wheeled structure. However, Airwheel gave a ground-breaking tweak to the wheel structure. Airwheel finally managed to design two-wheeled structure from the single-wheeled one. The two-wheeled structure is helpful to keep balance and seems more user-friendly. Therefore, S-series becomes the favourite of tyros. Also, the Airwheel S series is the largest series in Airwheel with S3, S5, S6, S8 and S9 2-wheeled electric scooters.


The greatest hallmark of Airwheel A series is the sitting-posture operating mode. It is controlled by hand, hip, and feet jointly, instead of centering the weight on legs. The saddle equipped ensures more comfortable riding experience. A3 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter is also designed to enable women riders to touch the ground with feet when stop the vehicle. This new operating method will ease long-distance riding fatigue.


Airwheel Z series is an electric scooter advocating portability and convenience. Thanks to the lightweight and triple folding system, Z3 or Z5 enables individuals to easily carry it into elevator, subway, bus, or store it in the trunk of a car. As the latest product, E-series with E6 / E3 electric folding bike has become the king of Airwheel in terms of design and technology with EBS, upgraded accompanying APP and left-right saddle design etc.

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