(Free Press Release) Industries that need vacuum heat treatment require a company that is not only reliable but also one that has experience to offer them high quality services as required. With the right service provider will ensure that the treatment process is effective and at the same time custom made according to the challenges of their companies. Solar Atmospheres, the leader in the heat treatment industry offers wide variety of services including vacuum annealing, vacuum nitriding as well as diffusion bonding among others.

Solar Atmospheres has been in the industry for quite a long time and offers the heat treatment services to wide number of industries, ranging from the automotive to aerospace, manufacturing to medical, electronics to casting and others. With years of offering these services the company understands the different needs of different companies in the various sectors and ensures that the services offered meet those needs and that the clients get responsive services as desired.

One of the services it provides is Diffusion Bonding. This service involves the joint process that deal with the movement of particles between the metal parts that are close to each other. One thing that the users need to know about the diffusion bonding service is that it facilitated in a vacuum because the absence of oxygen allows for high integrity bond. The process takes place in two basic mechanisms- Interstitial and vacancy diffusion. With Solar Atmospheres, the clients will be offered simple diffusion bonding services thanks to the use of new technologies as well as improved methodologies. This has also facilitated the processes of bonding rare earth metals in order to create new radioactive isotopes. The advantages of using Solar Atmospheres for diffusion bonding include precise temperature control, varied furnace sizes, oxygen free atmosphere as well as state of art technology and experienced team of experts.

When it comes to the vacuum annealing, the clients will be offered high quality services. This involves the process of inducing the ductility and refining the structure as well as relieving the internal stress of the mechanical properties of the materials. Solar Atmospheres will place the materials in a furnace for sometime and then cool it using non reactive gases or by use of forced fan cooling when the materials require accelerated cooling. The Vacuum annealing services offered by Solar Atmospheres cover materials such as metal powders, plastics and ferrous and non ferrous metals. One of the main advantages that the users will receive with the vacuum annealing services is minimal distortion of the material, which is very important as distortion damage it, rendering it useless.

About Solar Atmospheres

As a renowned commercial heat treating company, Solar Atmospheres is an industry leader as it provides high quality and customized services according to the industries metal processing situations. Some of the services offered include vacuum brazing, diffusion bonding, vacuum carburizing, and gas or ion nitriding of the metals parts, vacuum annealing as well as vacuum heat treating. With four plants, the company is guided by their foundational strengths that have made them the leader in offering these services and for fast responsive action.

Author: Ken Withington
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