Repair and refurbishment project can be both exciting and unnerving because there is the prospect of a transformed home, but at the same time there are a number of decisions to be made. The home improvement industry is ripe with possibilities and you can now select from advanced materials in different colours and patterns for your floor, walls or kitchen worktops. If you don’t know where to begin, read up on popular brands for worktops such as Silestone worktops and Corian worktops. Your next step should be to choose a manufacturer or supplier who can provide you with what you need. Explore the range of services offered by the manufacturers to see whether they can fulfil your vision of a beautiful and elegant kitchen. The article will talk about the services you can expect from such a supplier.


Firstly, when you contact a manufacturer about worktops they will present to you the different options in design, material and colour. You can choose wooden ones, popular granite tabletops, contemporary Silestone worktops or the sleek Corian worktops. You can see the gallery and the choices for worktops on the website. Once you make up your mind about the worktop they will send a representative to survey the site of installation. Generally this is a free service where they will inspect the space and give you a rough estimation for the work. The price will depend on the type of worktop you choose and the available space for installation. If it is a refurbishment project they will have to replace the old countertop with a new one and this can cost you a little more.


If you are clueless about design and planning, the professionals in the stores can help you out. When you show them the site and tell them what you expect from the project they can come up with a design template to suit your kitchen. This will include the type, colour and design of the worktop. They will design the template and show it to you for your approval. You can either decide to go ahead with it or make necessary changes. Depending on your budget and your preference they will either suggest Silestone worktops or Corian worktops. Both are contemporary, luxurious and easy to maintain and clean. You can find out more about the materials, their uses and effectiveness, from the professionals at the store.


The final step is to install the worktop in your kitchen. This can be a messy affair because they need to take out the old work and install new Corian worktops. However, they will clean the space once the work is done. Also they will try and finish work within the stipulated time so that you don’t face any problem. Quality of the products and quality of the services are the most important factor while choosing a supplier. You can also find attractive discounts on Silestone worktops and other products from time to time. You can either check the website or talk to them directly about any ongoing scheme.



Find out the services provided by the manufacturer if you want to install Corian worktops in your kitchen or Silestone worktops    .