Butler, Pennsylvania, April 11, 2012: Safety personnel is responsible for making sure that the general public is safe in many situations, including government, hospitals, schools and even correctional facilities. All of these institutions require emergency response plans to know how to react in the case of an emergency. However, not all institutions have actually ever put that plan into action, which can create problems if they ever need the plan. SET can provide these institutions a wide range of training scenarios that can help them practice their plan and determine if it is sufficient for each situation.

SET provides emergency response training to safety personnel both at their headquarters at the Butler County Community College, as well as at individual institution sites. Setting up and reevaluating an emergency response plan shouldn’t be the only thing institutions do; they also need to know the plans will work if they are needed. Personnel need to be able to actually try out the plan so if anything happens, they know what to do. SET operates different scenarios so everyone can get familiar with the emergency response plans.

Through videos and live demonstrations, SET shows institutions and their safety personnel what types of emergencies to expect and allows them to apply their own emergency response plans to these situations. In the end, an institution has a good idea of how its employees will handle an emergency and where improvement is needed so they can create an even better plan.

About SET : SET specializes in helping safety personnel at a number of institution types learn to implement their emergency response plans to ensure everyone remains safe. They can provide both live demonstrations and videos, either at their own headquarters at the Butler County Community College or the site of the institution, to allow for practicing emergency response plans. They will also evaluate the plans and help an institution redevelop them so they are more effective. These exercises also create an excellent training opportunity for both old and new employees.

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