Severe neck pain can be an incapacitating condition for most, one that is escalating as increasing numbers of the population devote hours in contorted postures before computers. Spinal pain can occur from sudden movement, overuse, or a multitude of other factors. Severe neck pain is often an indication of a far more severe problem and should be looked at by a doctor in case it is something more serious or an illness like Torticollis. Neck pain symptoms can start out minor and develop in their severeness and in any case where the pain is not alleviated before long or never stops for days or weeks there is certainly a greater chance of lingering damage if the situation isn't looked at by a professional. Though relieving severe neck pain could be the first thing on your mind often without help this may only be not a permanent fix.

There are several options for severe neck pain treatment, although they all depend on finding what is the cause of the neck pain. It is important to see a doctor in case you are unable to touch your chin to your chest, have discomfort or weakness in the arm, or a change in bladder habits since this can be an indication of more serious conditions. Muscle strains are the most typical cause of severe stiff neck, they could occur even while you sleep if you jerk suddenly or from a variety of actions like sports or spending for extended periods in one position such as driving.

As you get older your body also experiences deterioration and similar to any other part of your body the joints in your neck will begin to feel their use with stiffness ranging from minor to severe stiff neck from the disks stiffening up. Herniated disks, bone spurs and seldom even cancer can cause neck pain and without knowing it's cause deciding on a method of treatment that will be successful can be a risk because it could actually make it even worse. With severe neck pain headaches, shoulder problems, sleep issues and other side effects can mean that the pain takes over your life to the point that any relief will be welcome however brief.

Extreme sonic neck pain needs to be addressed and if it is bad enough your doctor may consider one of these treatments to ease the pain. Treatments will most likely begin with a course of pain medication, based upon the reason they can be muscle relaxants as well as opiates or just basic acetaminophen. Opiates are habit forming and there is a large market for their unlawful resale therefore a lot of doctors are very careful who they prescribe these to when they will even prescribe them at all. You will find often criteria that demand pain medication be straightly injected into the neck such as with a corticosteroid, they can be coupled with lidocaine to numb the area but usually work by helping to alleviate inflammation. This is certainly the same for any NSAIDS or non steroidal anti inflammatory medications that generally reduce pain due to inflammation. There are plenty of low dose over the counter versions and the doctors may prescribe these as severe neck pain relief instead of something like opiates because they are not habit forming.

If the pain does not recede with medications surgery may be necessary though this is only in intense situations. Surgeries for severe neck pain can include cervical spinal fusion where certain bones within the neck are surgically united together to help neck pain, although this may cause a stiffening of the neck the pain will be reduced.

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