Miami, FL — On her new website, , Ella Magers shows readers how to live a life with a compassionate, plant-based diet and with peak performance. Magers passion for transforming people’s lives through food and fitness is made manifest on her new website. Through her newsletter, e-books, blog and advice, she is able to inspire people around the world to levels of health and fitness they didn’t know were possible.

“I wanted to support a broader population of people in their transformation to a plant-based diet and active lifestyle they love!” — Ella Magers, Fitness Pro/Founder,

“Going vegan” is the fastest growing lifestyle change in the world. Based in health, compassion for animals and overall fitness, the lifestyle that Ella Magers presents on her website, , is one that has celebrities and average people around the world changing more than the food on their plates. They are changing their risks for disease and helping to create less suffering for farmed animals around the world.

Magers brings her positive and powerful message to her readers and clients. She teaches them to make the life changes that they need to be healthy, not through guilt or judgment, but through a positive example and fantastic attitude.

“I heard about Ella’s website, and after visiting it, I knew that I would thrive in my new lifestyle with Ella and so far, I am loving every minute of it!”

A vegan for over 17 years, Ella Magers is a NASM Personal Trainer was named Personal Trainer of the Month by Magers believes that the only way people can truly change their lives is to change them from the inside out. Her lifestyle is one of activity, excitement and explosive power, based n healthy food and a healthy mind. She is the author of several books and videos, as well as a regular newsletter, which helps her readers to stay abreast of the latest news and techniques for staying in great shape.

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