Shanghai, China — Super capacitors are an important component of the multi-billion dollar electronics and electrical engineering industries and now Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Co., Ltd. offers a wide variety of superior performance capacitors for the use in these industries. The company supplies these high-quality electrostatic devices to their global customers and has emerged as a key player in the growth of the electronics and electrical industries in several parts of the world.

The company specializes in multilayer ceramic capacitors that are easier for maintenance and can be transported with more convenience. These capacitors are often liked for their Fit-and-Forget features and engineers and technicians prefer using them in different types of devices. Working with these capacitors proves simpler, as they are less prone to faults and damages. And more importantly, Shanghai Jinpei Electronic maintains that these are less expensive electrolytic capacitors , allowing industries to carry out their cost-effective development programs.

Today, most industries prefer greener and safer types of capacitors that can also offer an enhanced level of performance. The days of traditional capacitors are over now in which inorganic solvents were used. Now, this Shanghai based gold capacitor supplier employs the latest technology and uses organic solvents that are more benign to the environment and the human being as well. By offering a superior product like a tantalum capacitor , the company has been witnessing an incredible sales growth for the past several years.

According to the company, the application of capacitors has been now extended to more areas, and their high voltage MLCC is widely applied in high voltage circuits. The high-end technology that the company uses to deliver MLCC helps maintain the reliability of the high voltage circuits. They offer many futuristic products to the electronics industry such as their tantalum capacitor, which is known for offering a stable performance and long life to the energy conversion units where it is widely used.

The Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company claims to offer capacitors fueling the growth and development of the next generation electronics and power technology. One can check their complete product portfolio by visiting their website

About Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company

Shanghai Jinpei Electronic Company was founded in 2005 and has over 30 years experience in the R&D of capacitors. With their strong R&D base, the company is producing a diverse range of advanced and superior technology capacitors for the electronic and electrical industries. The company has always been committed to deliver unconventional and highly technical design and development with a strong technical team, and keeps adding innovative products from time to time.

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