Sharad Kelkar gets the best gift ever from his cute little princess on Father’s Day!
Sharad Kelkar is not just a brilliant actor but a doting father too! His cute little daughter Kesha is too fond of her daddy dearest!

While everybody else was busy posing pictures with their dad on Father’s Day, Sharad’s daughter walked the extra mile to impress her papa and gift him a more personalised gift.

Doing so, the two-year-old made a pretty card with a canvas and brush with a beautiful message that read ‘Papa Hero’.

Sharad took to social networking site to share an image of his daughter’s love for him. He uploaded the picture with a caption that read, “She made this and gifted me…priceless!”

“It was a huge surprise! I discovered it later that my wife also helped her in creating the painting. It’s really heartwarming,” Sharad informs.

Sharad, who was quite surprised with Kesha’s sweet gesture, got her favourite Mango flavor cake bringing her all the joy.


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