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Shark Attack Saves The Life Of A Man With Cancer
New Lenox, Il, 10/14/2015 —
New Lenox, IL — Every now and then Miracle Alternatives, LLC runs across some bizarre or unusual medical news and likes to share it with its readers.
A man swimming in the ocean is attacked by a shark. Believe it or not the shark saved his life.
A man’s potentially fatal encounter with a shark saved his life, after doctors treating him for his injuries discovered he had cancer.
Eugene Finney was on a family holiday with his two children, aged 6 and 10, and his girlfriend on Huntington Beach, California, when he went for a swim and felt something “slam into his back."
“[It hit] harder than I've ever been hit in my life,” the 39-year-old told the Sentinel and Enterprise.
Startled and hurt, the art museum marketing co-coordinator managed to flee from the water, but did not know exactly what had happened to him.
he reality of the situation hit him as he washed blood from his back at the beach shower, and his girlfriend, Emeline McKeown, saw fins in the water and lifeguards ordering everyone to leave the water.
The creature left Mr. Finney with a deep cut across his back and bruises.
Returning to working in his home town of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, he struggled with back and chest pain caused by the attack and visited hospital, Boston CBS Local reported.
Doctors treating Mr. Finney for his blunt force trauma wounds then confronted him with the news that they discovered a stage one tumour on his right kidney, around the size of a walnut.
Medics were then able to operate on Mr. Finney and remove the growth in its early stages.
Mr. Finney is now cancer-free, and will not require chemotherapy or radiation treatment.
Dr. Ingolf Tuerk at St Elizabeth’s medical centre in Brighton, Massachusetts said the shark attack “lead to a situation that saved his life.”
“That’s pretty fascinating when you think about it.”
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This is an unusual and bizarre medical story. How often is it a deadly shark attack can actually save a man's life.
As the press release states doctors could remove the tumor because it was only the size of a walnut and was luckily only in stage one cancer.
So the medical doctors claim that Mr. Finney is now cancer-free, and will not require chemotherapy or radiation treatment.
However, the opinion of Miracle Alternatives, LLC Mr. Finney may not be out of the woods as medical doctors think.
No doubt all the tests taken by the standard western medical cancer treatment institution may not show any signs of cancer, however, think again.
Coming from a holistic point of view states James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC no matter what the victim's body is still made up of trillions of cells vibrating at certain frequencies.
Western medicine has no way to measure the frequencies and determine if any serve a potential cancer come back.
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Summary: Now that Mr. Finney has had cancer once, this proves he is a possible candidate for cancer to rea cure again at any time.
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We suggest current and past cancer victims to incorporate a rife machine in his or her life.
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