Sharktech is a leading American Internet Solutions and DDos protection services company. The company was started back in 2003 and currently operates from three data centers in America and one in Amsterdam. The company has installed the powerful Xeon servers in each of their data centers which provide clients with superior performance, speed and stability.


Besides premium web hosting services and DDos protection, Sharktech also offers collocation services and barer metal servers to clients all over the globe. The bare metal servers of Sharktech offer clients a multitude of features and a number of three hosting plans. This includes the basic, advanced and the discount hosting packages.


The Sharktech web hosting services also offers colocation services which have been partnered with companies such as China Telecom, Cogent, GTT, and China Unicom amongst others. When it comes to their premium server hosting packages clients are often provided with the option to choose from several operating systems. The standard features of the company’s server hosting services include DDos protection, quick deployment, guaranteed network uptime and 24/7 customer support.


There has been a lot of talk about Sharktech web hosting services over the past few years. According to reliable sources the company has been offering clients with admirable performance and reliable at the same time. One feature which has impressed most clients is their prompt technical and support team who cater to every needs of the clients every single day of the week. However, in spite of these advantages, clients have no discount offer to avail. Another major setback is that clients are never offered a money back guarantee for the services provided.


When it comes to internet hosting services and solutions, there are not many companies that enjoy the same reputation as Sharktech. They are indeed pioneers in offering one of the finest DDos protection services.







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