Melbourne, Australia -  Sherrin is the country's biggest provider of Australian-made footballs. The company's roots date back to 1880 when it got founded by  Thomas William Sherrin.

Over 135 years later, and they are still making products synonymous with the AFL. The 23-step manufacturing process first used in 1880 is still in use today! The Sherrin name isn't just a brand; it's a rich part of Australian sporting history.

Why Sherrin is the best football brand in Australia

Ever since the early days, the primary focus of the business is to create high-quality footballs. Their mission is to create the perfect product for people, whatever their age.

Let's face it; the full-size yellow and red official AFL balls are only good for adults. But what about kids? Sherrin has thought about that. That's why they've created a range of kids synthetic and leather footballs too.

Of course, Sherrin doesn't just create "standard" footballs. There will be times where some people want something a bit more bespoke. The company stocks a range of sizes and designs for any AFL team. They also offer indigenous-themed footballs too.

For those that want a unique football, Sherrin can accommodate such requests. The company can arrange for one's unique designs to get printed onto the balls of their choice.

Sherrin also provides complementary products for all AFL fans. Their website at showcases the full range.
The Sherrin football making process

There are 23 steps in total to make a quality Sherrin football. Each AFL leather football that gets used gets made by hand.

For the most part, the manufacturing process hasn't changed much since 1880. The only differences are some panels are machine-stitched, and the laces get made of nylon.

In total, each Sherrin football takes around 22 minutes to make from start to finish. The company produces around 500 footballs a day, lovingly crafted by 27 production staff.

Sherrin merchandise

Australia's favourite AFL-related brand don't just make and sell footballs. They also offer a range of complementary merchandise!

One of their popular lines is the range of novelty footballs. For example, the red all-team football has the logo of all 18 AFL teams on it. And there is also a series of glow in the dark footballs too!

For a truly unique gift idea, Sherrin can also make one-off footballs. It's the perfect present for someone that's celebrating their birthday. They also sell "My First Sherrin" footballs for babies and toddlers and easy fill bean bags.

Sherrin also stock a range of football accessories to keep one's pride and joy in top condition. From power pumps to carry bags and pressure gauges to inflating needles, they sell them all.

The company are proud to be associated with the Breast Cancer Network Australia. They sell a range of BCNA footballs, soccer balls and netballs, and other accessories.

About Sherrin

Since 1880, Sherrin has manufactured high-quality AFL footballs. The company is also famous for their 23-step manufacturing process. Sherrin is a famous and iconic Australian brand. They're also a proud sponsor of Breast Cancer Network Australia. Sherrin also makes and sell other products, such as accessories and novelty footballs.

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