Air & Surface Logistics, an international shipping company, recently participated in an incredible research project in conjunction with Virginia’s Old Dominion University: delivery of time-sensitive, oversized scientific equipment to Svalbard Island, Norway. The project is part of Old Dominion’s ongoing climatological research into the effects of global warming.

Svalbard Island is located north of Norway and well above the Arctic Circle. It boasts the title of “the northernmost regularly inhabited place on earth.” Longyearbyen, the "capital city" of this tiny archipelago, is home to only 2,000 people who live in relative isolation most of the year. Longyearbyen has one claim to fame, however; it is a frequent launching point for expeditions to the North Pole.

When Virginia's Old Dominion University decided to send a research team to the Arctic, they knew it was going to present some challenges. Through the recommendation of another customer, Old Dominion contacted Air & Surface Logistics about expedited shipping of sensitive scientific gear to Svalbard Island to aid the expedition’s progress. Given the short “summer” season, time was of the essence. Paige Cotcamp, President and CEO of Air & Surface Logistics, recalls his initial perplexity when he realized where Longyearbyen was.

"When I got back to the customer and explained that this place was virtually the North Pole, their response was: 'We know. That’s exactly where the gear is going.'," says Cotcamp.

In the end, Air & Surface Logistics was able to accomplish the task by combining several methods of freight shipping as seen at . Using a combination of air and ground shipping methods, the company was able to send the gear safely to the team in plenty of time. Paige Cotcamp recalls the feeling of elation he experienced when he finally arranged all legs of the journey successfully after a frantic day of phone calls.

"It was difficult, but well worth it," he says. "I was excited to be able to ship something to such a remote area successfully for such an important scientific study." Read the entire store of the Svalbard shipment at

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