Brisbane, Australia -  Shirt Studio Corporate is an established corporate apparel brand. Based in Greenslopes, the company is well-known for its high-quality garments and stylish pieces.

The company first started life back in 2004 as a retailer. By 2006, they launched into the corporate uniform arena. Founded by a husband and wife team, Shirt Studio Corporate is very much a family business. The success of their company can get attributed to their willingness to evolve.

Corporate apparel, like most niches, evolves all the time. Anoop and Fiona Anchal, the firm's founders, embrace change with open arms. They respond to the changing needs of today's businesses. The result? They've created a thriving company that is a hit with customers. In fact, so much so that many clients place repeat orders with them!

Shirt Studio Corporate offer a personal service and a passion for excellence. The company offer an extensive and flexible range of corporate apparel products. Backed by a team of skilled and experienced experts, it's no wonder they are market leaders! Their website at showcases the products they sell.

Three boutique divisions

Shirt Studio Corporate comprises of three distinct boutique units.

1. Uniform Us

It's no secret that the corporate apparel market has become flooded with generic uniforms. They seldom offer much flair or style and are usually carbon copies of existing work.

Shirt Studio Corporate are innovators and offer a unique approach to uniform design. In fact, so confident are they in their abilities that they'll guarantee you will LOVE what they make!

The firm states that employees will end up wearing a uniformed tailored to the brand's image.
2. Tailor Me

Shirt Studio Corporate have identified a significant gap in the market. Plenty of business owners, for instance, need a uniform to impress their customers. But, they seldom have the time to research corporate apparel.

The "Tailor Me" service is a personalised one. A fitting specialist meets with customers to discuss their work wardrobe needs. They'll also provide a sample of fabrics and styles. They will then create a unique and bespoke package to suit the client's needs.

A full fitting can then get held at a location convenient to the customer.

3. Design You

Last but not least, there is the "Design You" service. In a nutshell, Shirt Studio Corporate offer a full consultation service. It's a useful step for those that are unsure of their uniform needs.

About Shirt Studio Corporate

Shirt Studio Corporate is a corporate apparel firm based in Greenslopes, Brisbane. It's a family-run firm, founded by a husband and wife team back in 2006.

They offer a unique approach to work uniform design and construction. Unlike their competitors, they offer clients a real bespoke and personal service. Their customers can enjoy stylish uniforms that will also help to promote their brands.
For more information, contact:

Shirt Studio Corporate
92 Juliette Street

Telephone: 1300 035 919

Email: [email protected]