It is a very controversial topic as to whether or not men should wear jewelry. However, both sides seem to agree that jewelry can look great on a man if they wear it right. We are going to take a look at four rules that should always be followed when wearing  Celtic jewelry for men , or any other type of jewelry out there.

Rule 1 - Keep It Simple

Dazzling jewelry is for woman, we are men and need to keep our jewelry simple. If you really understand  mens Irish jewelry , or any other form of men's jewelry, then you can branch out a bit and get something a bit more exotic. However, it should never stick out.

Rule 2 - Match Metals

The most common metals that are worn by men are gold and silver. However, these should never be worn at the same time. In order for jewelry to look good on men, all jewelry that is being worn needs to match the same type of metal. It doesn't look good if you have a silver ring and a gold watch, and if you don't believe this to be true you can see for yourself.

Rule 3 - Meaningful Jewelry

Don't just wear jewelry to try and look better without knowing the meaning behind it. For example, a wedding ring symbolizes your love for your partner. Of course, your jewelry doesn't need to be that deep, but always have a reason for wearing it.

Rule 4 - Dress Codes

Always follow dress codes when wearing jewelry. Sometimes it is improper for a man to have an earring or some other form of facial jewelry, and even if it is Celtic jewelry for men, you need to respect dress codes.

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