As a brand new vehicle, Airwheel electric one-wheeled scooter X8 helps to show riders’ tastes and personalities. And it also brings them a colorful and free way of pursing dreams.

Airwheel electric unicycle X8 chooses the original Sony/Panasonic lithium battery, top 10 Cheng Shin Tyre and synthetic resin shell which is made of advanced nano materials. So the quality of Airwheel X8 is reliable. X8 can deal with various road conditions accclly very well. Even a girl, she can easily cross the grass and pond with Airwheel intelligent self-balancing unicycle X8.

What’s more, the smart chip in Airwheel X8 is adopted with the world leading intelligent system. To realize X8’s self-balancing, the inside chip also takes aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. The outstanding self-balancing ability makes unicycle bodies more flexible and convenient. And riders can easily show their wheelies on X8.

Not only the powerful performance but also the variable appearances of X8 help riders to show the tastes and personalities to others. We are familiar with hand-drawn shoes. Although canvas shoes are so popular, they will be distinctive after hand drawing. In recent days, a hot guy showed a picture on Facebook, which displays that he drew the twinkle stars with maker on his Airwheel electric unicycle X8. This Airwheel X8 suddenly became a limited edition from a common one. Now it is called as a work of art. I think if the guy rides this Airwheel X8, he must be the center of attention anywhere.

Apart from painting, the bumper strips can decorate X8 as well. This is a white X8. But it is plastered with green and white bumper strips on its handle and shell. The colorful bumper strips make X8 more personalized. And they protect the unicycle body from crashes. It is no need to worry about what to draw on X8. Just draw what one likes, show the personalities!

Airwheel electric unicycle itself is a new way of traveling. If one uses his or her hobbies and personalities to decorate it, he or she will be the most fashionable scenery on the street.

Mr. Tang
Airwheel electric scooter brand
[email protected]