23 July, 2014: A retrospective showcasing the work of avant-garde Catalonian painter Francesc Calvet, put together by the Museum of Menorca, could be worth a visit for art aficionados renting accommodation through companies such as Bartle Holidays this summer. 

The exhibition, titled ‘Fins Aqui’ (roughly, ‘Ends Here’) seeks to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the artist’s death by presenting an overview of his oeuvre. Altogether, this showcase is made up of over 100 pieces of artwork by Calvet, spanning the period between 1966 and the painter’s death in 2004. These pieces are also complemented by ten informative panels focusing on the Catalonian artist’s contribution to other strands of Spanish society. 

Open since earlier this month, and staying on until August 31, this exhibition has had the important support of the painter’s own sons, architect and designer Jordi Calvet and his brother Hector, as well as of his widow, Montse Pomés. Francesc’s immediate family provided valuable help to exhibition curator Cristina Andreu in choosing the most representative works from their father and husband’s portfolio. At the official opening of the exhibition, Jordi declared that, for this showcase, both parties had sought to stray away from the typical exhibition format and towards something more impactful and memorable. 

Altogether, the display ground is comprised of three rooms, each focusing on a specific facet of Francesc Calvet’s artistic output. The first room focuses on paintings from the 1960s and 1970s, as well as some pieces from the early 90s; in the second, the focus is on sculpture, including some of the artist’s final pieces conceived in the early 2000s; finally, the third room centres on pieces of music and literature, and includes the aforementioned panels informing visitors of Calvet’s social involvement. 

Other than the showcase itself, the programme for this exhibition also includes a number of parallel activities relating to the artist’s life. 

Those visitors to Menorca booking accommodation through popular companies like Bartle Holidays, will find much to enjoy with a visit to this insightful retrospective show. 

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