31, July 2015: Airwheel brings out electric scooters through year’s ardours efforts. Amongst these models, the latest intelligent self-balancing scooter S3 integrates the most powerful performance of the former models with the most amazing design. Therefore, S3 climbs the top among Airwheel’s products. Q-series, including Q1, Q3, Q6, etc. is upgraded from the version of X-series. Based on X-series, the structure of Q-series has been changed a little, two-wheeled structure replacing the single wheeled. This tiny change in structure is considered as a pioneering creation. Enjoying the excellent balance and being easier to use, the Q-series earned colossal popularities.

Airwheel Qseries

In spite of this, Q-series and S-Series have never cast a shadow on X-series. It insists on its single-wheeled character. Instead such structure is the reason why common users don’t choose it. The veterans regard the singe wheel an advantage but disadvantage. The single-wheel structure of X-series provides excellent agility for the riders. On Q-series, riders have to lose more time to turn a lager circle for a turning. For X-series riders, they could steer their vehicles deftly and turn a corner swiftly.


Moreover, street skating is an entertainment to display the fancy skill of scooter fans. An adept rider of scooter always wants to demonstrate his/her fancy skills, such as turning circles, sitting on it while rolling, standing upside down etc. A skillful scooter rider even could push a car while standing on it. Through showing off his thrilling tricks, he tries to demonstrate his skill of riding in face of audiences. The scooter fans also bring about the happiness to audiences indeed. Just imagine what will happen if an adept rides a self-balancing scooter of Q-series to demonstrate his skill of riding? Audiences might see it a waste of time and boring.

In another way, common people shrink away from single-wheeled scooter and are impressed by it. Therefore, people swoon over and shy away from the X-series at the same time. What a paradox!

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